The Dancer Klimt Handcut Glass Mural, 1 mural
[Klimt Dancer]

Handcut glass mosaic mural. Created from artwork by Gustav Klimt. This mural incorporates metallic glass and is suitable for commercial and residential installations, interior walls or exterior walls, under cover. Delivery time: approximately four to five weeks. This mural may be customized for size (larger, not smaller). By cropping this design, a unique mural may be created in the 'Klimt' style. Cropped sections of this mural may be used for a tabletop, kitchen backsplash or shower insert. We also offer this mural in handcut stone mosaic and inlaid gemstone (please call for a quote). Pricing is WITHOUT SHIPPING. For a shipping quote or to order a custom size or other material, please call our Customer Service Department at 910-571-9765. Mural size: 37.01 x 66.14 inches. A closeup image of this mural is available.

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Agape Tile LLC
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