Black Tab & White Mother of Pearl Mix Random Shell, 1 square foot

Mactan is the finest quality seashell manufactured in the world. Their workmanship is superb. Mactan stands behind their product. Mactan uses the best materials worked by the finest artisans. Their materials are prefabricated to your specifications. All shells are available in seamless sheeting to give you a no grout joint installation. Please view Agape Tile�s Mactan shell installations on the main Shell page. More projects are also on the PROJECT section at the top of the home page on

Seamless sheeting is sold by the square foot and is blueprint specific and manufactured to perfectly fit your installation. Seams are either butt joint or interlocking. Formats available: tile, borders, liners, listellos, domed pillows and borders, baseboards or crown moldings. We also custom manufacture seashell Tabletops and Countertops. Patterns available are: Squares, Brick, Diamond, Random, Irregular Random, Weave, Honeycomb, Star, Dot, Stripe, Material Combinations or Custom. Standard backing: Porcelain or Mesh. Optional backings are Fiberglass, Fiber Board or Honeycomb Aluminum. Porcelain backed tile thickness: 3/8" - .93 cm Mesh backed tile or sheet thickness: Approximately 1/16 of an inch, 1.524 mm Custom sized shell overlay on porcelain tiles are available up to 19.69 inches. Custom sized, blueprint specific, seamless mesh backed sheets are available up to 38" wide x 86" in length.

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