Shoni Capiz Shell Tile Lobby Wall install
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This Shoni pattern Capiz Tile wall wraps around the wall behind this reception desk, inviting the visitors to delight in its beauty.

Tesoro del Mar Genuine Capiz Sheet Tile is a quality seashell for an exceptional price. Thickness: .039" - 1mm. Minimum order of 15 tiles.

Capiz is a beautiful seashell that has a natural luster. The sheet or tile is created by layering multiple Capiz Shells over one another creating a shell veneer sheet. You can expect variances in shade and occasionally small dark marks as this is a natural shell product.

Rating: Suitable for interior wall or ceiling installations only. Special order. For further information or to obtain a shipping quote, please call our Customer Service Department at 910-571-9765. To view material photos you may view the Capiz Shell Tiles and Panels Section on our Shell page

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Agape Tile LLC
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