Black Mother of Pearl Seamless Seashell Mosaic Kitchen, Wheaton, Illinois
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Black Mother of Pearl Seashell Mosaic Kitchen: This lovely kitchen is trimmed with several 4x12 Black Mother of Pearl seamless seashell, ceramic backed listello border strips. The Black Mother of Pearl was used for both the backsplash and ceiling trim. Pattern: Square mosaic. Note the matching chandelier. Location: Wheaton, Illinois.

Tesoro del Mar is a quality seashell for an exceptional price. Almost all shells are available in a mosaic format or as seamless sheeting to give you a no grout joint installation. Seamless sheets butt joint or interlock at the edges and are manufactured to perfectly fit your installation: i.e. blueprint specific. Mosaic installations offer the option of using the material on a flat or curved wall. Seamless sheets also install over a curve should you like a squares pattern design. Custom patterns are available for both mosaic and seamless shell. Please view more shell installations on the PROJECT section at the top of the home page on

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