Crushed Capiz Shell Custom Fireplace
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Capiz Shell Fireplace

Fireplace surrounds and fronts may be customized with genuine seashell. Tiles or seamless panels are typically used. Wood shapes may be overlayed with seashell. This is done in two ways. The shell may be applied in a large mosaic format or crushed and applied to the surface. A wide variety of shells in many colors are available. A simple yet elegant fireplace treatment may be created using a two tone effect in a diamond pattern. Custom designs such as leaves or flowers may be incorporated to give an additional flair to your installation. This surround was created using crushed Capiz Pearl Shell. Location: Boca Raton, Florida.

Mactan is the finest quality seashell manufactured in the world. Their workmanship is superb. Mactan stands behind their product. Mactan uses the best materials worked by the finest artisans. Their materials are prefabricated to your specifications. All shells are available in seamless sheeting to give you a no grout joint installation. Please view more shell installations on the PROJECT section at the top of the home page on

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